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Two weeks, no update. I'm getting pretty bad at this. Mostly, I think, because I don't feel like I'm doing anything all that interesting right now. I'm kind of in a holding pattern--not really progressing in my work, and trying to figure out how to achieve forward momentum. It's kind of a slog, right now.

Happily, things outside of my work are okay. Thanksgiving with my family last weekend was marvellous. We had about fourteen people in total, which was a nice size for Thanksgiving. My parents have been including some American dishes with Thanksgiving dinner since they returned from living in the States, most notably candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. Frankly, I'm rather pleased that green beans have replaced peas on the holiday menu. And the turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rutabaga were all unchanged, so there was enough continuity from childhood to keep me happy.

Last weekend was also the weekend for hanging with my high school friends, mostly for the sake of the one person who still lives out-of-town. (The rest of us have slowly drifted back here in the ten years since we finished high school.) It was a theme party, as all of our recent gatherings have been. The theme this time was Monday Night RAW--everyone brought a raw food dish, and we watched movies featuring wrestlers and former wrestlers. I tried for raw fruit pie, and ended up with something more like raw squares when I discovered that I had no pie plate, and was forced to use a 9x9 pan instead. It turned out reasonably well, though it was better when topped with the vanilla icing-and-cream-cheese fruit dip brought by another party attendee. So much for a healthy dessert. :D
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I spent the weekend in San Diego for Brent's brother's wedding. It was my first trip to California, and it was far too short. The weather was lovely, the ocean was lovely, the jacuzzi was lovely, and the wedding was of course lovely too--on the beach, in the sun. Getting out of Toronto was not so lovely--we got there the recommended 99 minutes in advance, and then proceeded to spend an hour checking in and checking our bags. Needless to say, this put us a little behind schedule in getting through the rest of the lines. We were pulled out and placed in the rush lines for both security and customs, which was good since nearly everyone else had boarded the plane by the time we reached the gate. (Apparently they all knew enough to show up more than 90 minutes in advance.) Coming back was okay--much less rushed. The only minor incident occurred when, for some reason, Canadian Customs decided to redirect B over to the Immigration Desk where they looked at his papers and said, "We don't know why they sent you here."

Tomorrow, sadly, I must return to working. Hopefully my ears will have recovered from the landing by then.
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After the last couple of weekends of nothing but work, this one is turning into a dizzying whirl of socialization. Last night, B and I drove out to Whitby to visit a couple of friends of mine from undergrad. It was our first visit since their wedding six months earlier, and my first opportunity to hear about their honeymoon and see their house of two years. Yeah, I apparently need to keep in better touch with them.

This afternoon, realizing that we still had time left on the Autoshare car and B still had gift certificates left from Christmas, we went shopping. Among our purchases: a dictionary, so that we can finally stop arguing over what constitutes a word in Scrabble. We could look it up online, of course, but it's dangerous for us to turn on a computer in the middle of a Scrabble game. We might never pry ourselves away.

Tomorrow evening it looks like we'll be joining some friends to watch the Oscars, which ought to be fun. I had wanted to see all of the Best Picture nominees so that I could make an informed guess about which might win, but I think the only one I ended up seeing in time was Brokeback Mountain. Maybe next year.
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I went out for dinner last night with MasseyPrincess and another friend. We ordered a pitcher of sangria, and it was so tasty MasseyPrincess suggested that we spend the rest of the summer engaged in the Hunt for the Perfect Sangria. Two bars, four hours and two small glasses of sangria later, I was flushed, nauseous, and experiencing what felt like tachycardia. (On a side note, it's amazing how effective a racing heart is at inducing a feeling of panic, even when you know what's causing it.) These are all apparently common symptoms of ALDH2 deficiency--an underproduction of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase that leads to a build up of acetaldehyde in the body with all the wonderful effects that toxic chemical creates, and a widespread trait among many East Asian populations. (Apparently I did inherit something from my Japanese grandfather.)

Happily, the effects had worn off by this morning, but I think I'm going to withdraw from the rest of the Summer Hunt. On the bright side, if I do in fact have ALDH deficiency, there's almost no chance that I'll ever become an alcoholic (although my risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease is somewhat elevated).

Today I'm listening to the radio version of Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, courtesy of Mercury Theatre Online, and working on editing my the Heritage report so that I can spend the weekend working on my blasted master's thesis, which some foolish kindly book editor has offered to include as a chapter in his new book if I can get into shape in a mere three weeks.


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