Dec. 14th, 2005

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I'm terrible with pens. By which I mean that if I have a pen in hand (say, for taking notes while I read an article), then sooner or later the ink will invariably end up on surfaces other than those for which it was intended. Usually me.

This wasn't so bad back when I used ballpoint pens. A little messy, yes, but the ink generally came out in the wash, and if not, a bit of hairspray would usually fix the problem. But then last year, some friends of mine convinced me to switch to gel pens.

I love my gel pens, I really do. They write beautifully, with a smoothness I could only dream of before. But, as I quickly discovered, gel pen ink does not come out in the wash. Thus far, I have managed to stain:

1 new shirt;
2 pairs of jeans;
1 pair of white tights;
the cover to my futon/couch;
and my lovely cream bedsheets.

The ink seems to be slowly fading from the shirt with repeated washes, but as to the others...nada.

This does not make me happy, but since I'm unwilling to return to ballpoint pens, there's really nothing to be done but whine a bit on LiveJournal and swear that next time, I will cap the pen when I'm not using it.


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