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Today's been a good day at the conference so far. I'm currently in my second session on online news. It's only partly on topic (yesterday's session on political engagement online was more instrumentally helpful), but it has been interesting so far.

The current paper is a comparison of gender portrayal in pictures in English online news and Russian online news. Not surprisingly, there are lots more pictures of men.

I haven't made it to Millenium Park yet, which I really want to do, but I did make it to the Ghiradelli store where I picked up some dark chocolate for my upcoming chocolate taste test. I've also made it to the book store, and plan to return tonight to pick up a new book for the plane ride home. (I actually didn't go out planning to hit the bookstore--there aren't many differences in the books available--but it was conveniently located right next to the chocolate store, and once I was there, I couldn't resist going in.)
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- We had a really cool 24-hour diner about a block from our hotel and the waitress remembered us when we went back the second night.
- The hotel itself was quite nice, although the room was a bit small.
- There weren't that many sessions that interested me, unfortunately.
- B developed laryngitis the day before he presented, but still managed to pull it off. The mic helped.
- We hung out with both my friends and his, separately and jointly, and good times were had by all.
- We spent way too much time walking the docks in search of free jazz that never materialized and a recommended restaurant that was miles away form where it was supposed to be. Then we went to a Japanese steakhouse and watched them cook the food in front of us.
- The security around the historic sites was scary.

And now we're in New York. And exhausted after walking around Manhattan all day. And I'm going to sleep.


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