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It's been a lovely, quiet, cold, rainy weekend here in Toronto. On Friday night, I stayed home with my roommate and watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants--a movie that we both wanted to see that we didn't think we'd be able to convince our respective partners to see. (I don't have anything against renting a video--or going to the theatre--by myself, but it is fun to watch with someone else.) It was a good choice; well-acted and touching, but fairly light. The only downside of the evening was my desperate chili craving which I failed to fulfill because for the first time ever, the local Tim Horton's was not serving chili.

On Saturday I worked out, and then came over to B's house. We worked for a bit, and then made chili (yay!), baked Toll House chocolate chip cookies (with Hershey instead of Toll House chips, because they don't seem to sell the latter in Canada), and watched X-Men. Today we've been hanging out and working, me in the living room and him in the kitchen. Occasionally one of us wanders over to the other to check in and muss up their hair. (Okay, mostly I've been wandering over to him, because the cookies are all in the kitchen.)
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I usually claim that autumn is my favourite season and the best time to be in Toronto. When I make those claims, I tend to forget how many wet, grey, gloomy, autumn days we get, even in October. (In November it's expected--all of November is wet, grey, and gloomy.) Ah well, at least it keeps me inside and working. And gives me an excuse to drink maple lattes from Starbucks and cook fall food. Like French onion soup, which I made last night.

So yes, back in Toronto, back from the conference, still writing up my conference report, and otherwise very busy. Right now I'm trying to find a dissertation topic that both my supervisor and I are interested in. I want to do internet + politics, and he wants me to do internet + popular culture; hopefully we'll be able to meet in the middle somewhere.


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