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Two weeks, no update. I'm getting pretty bad at this. Mostly, I think, because I don't feel like I'm doing anything all that interesting right now. I'm kind of in a holding pattern--not really progressing in my work, and trying to figure out how to achieve forward momentum. It's kind of a slog, right now.

Happily, things outside of my work are okay. Thanksgiving with my family last weekend was marvellous. We had about fourteen people in total, which was a nice size for Thanksgiving. My parents have been including some American dishes with Thanksgiving dinner since they returned from living in the States, most notably candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. Frankly, I'm rather pleased that green beans have replaced peas on the holiday menu. And the turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rutabaga were all unchanged, so there was enough continuity from childhood to keep me happy.

Last weekend was also the weekend for hanging with my high school friends, mostly for the sake of the one person who still lives out-of-town. (The rest of us have slowly drifted back here in the ten years since we finished high school.) It was a theme party, as all of our recent gatherings have been. The theme this time was Monday Night RAW--everyone brought a raw food dish, and we watched movies featuring wrestlers and former wrestlers. I tried for raw fruit pie, and ended up with something more like raw squares when I discovered that I had no pie plate, and was forced to use a 9x9 pan instead. It turned out reasonably well, though it was better when topped with the vanilla icing-and-cream-cheese fruit dip brought by another party attendee. So much for a healthy dessert. :D
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I had another slightly dull, work-filled, and productive weekend. Non-work highlights included a very good steak on Friday, courtesy of B, and three games of Clue on Saturday, all of which I lost. I also made some good headway on my TA and RA work, and got some comp reading done, all of which made me happy.

Now I'm up at my parents' place, hanging out with my sister, who's currently on spring break. So far I've been plied with homeade maple-peacan scones, homemade chocolate fudge, and a homemade cupcake, courtesy of my sister's pre-spring break weekend baking spree. Tomorrow we're making biscotti, and probably some more scones.
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After the last couple of weekends of nothing but work, this one is turning into a dizzying whirl of socialization. Last night, B and I drove out to Whitby to visit a couple of friends of mine from undergrad. It was our first visit since their wedding six months earlier, and my first opportunity to hear about their honeymoon and see their house of two years. Yeah, I apparently need to keep in better touch with them.

This afternoon, realizing that we still had time left on the Autoshare car and B still had gift certificates left from Christmas, we went shopping. Among our purchases: a dictionary, so that we can finally stop arguing over what constitutes a word in Scrabble. We could look it up online, of course, but it's dangerous for us to turn on a computer in the middle of a Scrabble game. We might never pry ourselves away.

Tomorrow evening it looks like we'll be joining some friends to watch the Oscars, which ought to be fun. I had wanted to see all of the Best Picture nominees so that I could make an informed guess about which might win, but I think the only one I ended up seeing in time was Brokeback Mountain. Maybe next year.
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B and I went out for Summerlicious at Canoe on Tuesday night. The restaurant is on the 54th floor of the TD Bank building, so it offers a fabulous view, even at 9:45, which was the only reservation we could get. (It was almost 10:00 before we were seated, in part, I suspect, because people were enjoying the view too much to leave their seats.) The ambience was also fabulous--all gold and white and plush and exposed brick; it was a great mix of rustic and luxurious. The food, sadly, was the most disappointing part of the evening. It was visually striking, but only okay tasting. It wasn't bad, but I've had better at much cheaper restaurants. The menu: hearts of romaine salad, pork tenderloin with summer squash and couscous, and a caramel butternut tart for dessert. I hope their regular fare is better than what they offered up for Summerlicious.

Last night I went over to AmericanAnglo's place for television night. Since we have neither "Alias" nor "The Amazing Race" to watch this summer, we've switched over to AmericanAnglo's extensive DVD collection, which has the advantage of making television night much more flexible, although a little less exciting. Right now we're slowly working our way through the first season of "Roswell." AmericanAnglo's new boyfriend joined us for TV night for the first time. There was general agreement among all present as to his high level of attractiveness, enthusiastically expressed the moment he stepped out the door. (FrenchWriter and his boyfriend pounced on AmericanAnglo for details as soon as NewGuy left. Admittedly, they were a bit drunk.) I'm hoping NewGuy turns out to be nice as well as cute; AmericanAnglo deserves it.

Today MasseyPrincess leaves for Montreal with friends, and I clean up the apartment for the weekend. I'm also going to be transcribing interviews, coding interview transcriptions, and working on editing the Heritage report. I'd like to get out to a Fringe Festival show, and probably to dinner, but apart from that, I suspect this is going to be largely a working-weekend.


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