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My (roommate's) cat has developed a strange fondness for a small plastic suction cup that she found somewhere. She has also apparently decided that the best place to keep this suction cup safe is in with her food. In the beginning, we tried taking it out of the bowl, mistakenly assuming that it was there by accident. However, we quickly realized that every time we took it out, it would mysteriously end up back in the bowl. So now we pour the food on top of it and the cat eats around it, and she's apparently quite happy with that.

Yeah, my life? Not so exciting right now. A little stressful, but not exciting. Although there's going to be a party this weekend for which I get to cook--I'm looking forward to that.
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My roommate made a good point today. The cat may have been lying on top of me all week not because she was lonely last weekend, but because she's cold. Because there's snow on the ground and we have no heat. My roommate called the landlords this morning, leaving a polite message asking them to please turn on the heat. I called them again this evening leaving a civil message threatening to call the city if they don't get the heat on pronto. So far, no effect.

Lap cat

Apr. 4th, 2007 03:29 am
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The cat was left alone for most of the weekend, as I was at my boyfriend's and my roommate was visiting her sister. Wow, is she making me pay for it! Roommate's not back yet, so it's just me and the cat. Every waking moment for the past two days that hasn't been spent paying attention to to the cat has been spent with her trying to get my attention. Usually by knocking things over and generally being a pest. I've picked up more garbage cans over the past two days than I care to think about. I like having a people-oriented cat, but gah. Oh well, at least she's been letting me sleep in the morning.

And what am I doing up so late, you ask? Marking papers, of course. I really don't think this batch of papers are as good as last year's, but that may be my memory playing tricks on me. Nonetheless, I wish someone would explain to these students the difference between a topic and an argument.
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My cat has developed a charming new habit: tipping over glasses. She prefers ones with liquid in them, but she'll take any she can get. On Saturday, I made the mistake of forgetting about this new habit and setting down a glass of water on the coffee table. She went for it, of course, but I was faster. I grabbed it before she tipped it...and then tried to transfer my laptop from my lap to the table so that I could take the glass into the kitchen. Big mistake. Where my cat had failed, I succeeded, and water splashed onto my computer. Not a lot, but apparently it only takes a little. The computer itself seems to be functioning okay, but the keyboard is probably going to need to be replaced. I've had the worst luck with this laptop...but this time, I have only myself to blame.

Bad cat!

Jan. 23rd, 2007 06:12 pm
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My (roommate's) cat is turning into a most manipulative creature. Most recently, she has decided to start making us get up at specific times. Her tactics are thus: When she decides one of us should get up, she begins doing something that she knows annoys us, pausing periodically to look over and make sure we're paying attention. If we ignore her long enough, she moves onto something even more destructive. If we get up to stop her, she's right back at it before we make it back to bed. If we lock her out of our bedrooms, she stands at the door and cries. (She's done this for as long as two hours straight before. Given her record of persistence, I'm quite certain she's capable of keeping it up all night.)

The obvious thing to do, of course, is to ignore her. That's easy to do when she's knocking over empty garbage cans, but less easy when she's chewing on my leather boots, or crying loud enough to disturb the neighbours.

The kicker is that as soon as one of us gets up, she goes and lies down in the now-empty bed.
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My cat managed to turn on scroll lock on my computer this evening while trotting on my keyboard. This is particularly impressive on two counts:

1) I had no idea how to do it myself. I had to go online to find out how to turn it off after I finally figured out that it was scroll lock that was causing Excel to behave so strangely.

2) Turning on scroll lock on my laptop requires simultaneously hitting two keys located on completely different parts of the keyboard.

In other news, she can also now leap to the top of the highest bookcase in my room, which means that I no longer have any safe place to hide things from her. But I suppose she'll learn that irons are hot the good old-fashioned way: by burning herself.

Cat update

Aug. 3rd, 2006 11:46 pm
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Now that she's adjusted to the new environment, Bella is definitely turning into a people act. Not, mind you, a lap cat. She doesn't particularly like to be held, and rarely stays still to be petted. But she follows me around all day. If I'm in the kitchen working, she's at the kitchen table, jumping from chair to chair, watching. If I'm in the living room, she's on the couch beside me. And when I'm working at my computer, her new favourite game is to creep into my room, knock something over or otherwise get my attention, and then dart into the living room and under the couch as soon as I get up. Well, not immediately--she'll pause when she gets into the living room, just to make sure I'm following. Hiding is definitely a game now.

(Yes, it's all about the cat. That's better than the book reviews I threatened you with, isn't it?)
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As I sit here, reading posts from my friends in Ottawa and Toronto about how very, very hot it is, I'm really coming to appreciate the air conditioning in my apartment. It is, of course, a terrible drain on our resources and generally bad for the environment, but since I have no control over it and no way to turn it off, I'm just going to enjoy it. Until 3:00, when I have to leave for a meeting.

And hey, the kitten is finally coming out to play, though she still runs under the furniture if I move too suddenly.


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