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I just discovered that the dryer in my building will continue to run even if the door isn't properly closed. I discovered this, naturally, by turning on the dryer without having closed the door properly, and then looking back a moment later to see the dryer merrily flinging my wet clothes on the floor. Without a way to shut the dryer off mid-cycle, it was impossible to get the wet clothing back into the dryer as opening the door resulted in more clothing flying out. So now I have a pile of wet socks and a pillowcase hanging in my room, and I have vowed in the future to always ensure that the dryer door is tightly closed before I turn it on (while cursing the poor design that lets it run open...)

In other news, the marking continues. And so does the RA work. I'm hoping to be back on my own stuff by the end of next week.
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For various reasons, mostly things like spending weekends at B's place, going out to dinner with various people, and spending television night at AmericanAnglo's place, I haven't been home a lot in the evenings. In fact, I've only cooked dinner at home once in the past two weeks.

Today I decided to clean out the fridge.

Usually I'm pretty good at keeping up with the fridge-cleaning-out, catching things just as they're about to go and tossing them before they get really disgusting. I discovered today that I'm much less good at it when I don't cook at home. It's much easier, when I'm not actually using the food, to ignore the fact that the tomatoes are slowly turning colours that even heritage tomatoes should never be, and that the sweet potato I forgot has turned into a science project and is well on its way to becoming a piece of modern art. When I'm not cooking, I can just reach in, grab a glass of water or the container of ice cream, and close the door.

(This might be a partial explanation of why MasseyPrincess never seems to get around to cleaning out the fridge, even when she acknowledges that it really, really needs it.)

I'm going to need a shower when I'm done in there. But first, I have to clean the bathroom.


May. 30th, 2005 12:21 am
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We spent the weekend on a deck improvement project. We set out to get a grill, an umbrella, chairs, cushions, and some plants and assorted plant things (soil and pots to plant them in, fertilizer to keep them alive, brackets to hang them with, et cetera).

B already had one large, soil-and-weed-filled box on his deck. For that, we bought three varieties of tomatoes and some red peppers. For cooking, we also bought a little herb box and some oregano, sweet basil, and cilantro to grow in it (along with some English lavender just for fun). And for pure decoration, we purchased a princess lily plant and a lovely dark blue pot which we suspended from the railing of the deck.

Unfortunately, the plants were all we got done in the four hours we were out. Everything else will have to wait until next weekend. Apparently this is what happens to people who insist on going to bed at 4am and rising at noon.


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