Dec. 5th, 2006 03:38 pm
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I hate it when coffee shops get my order wrong. A minor complaint, I know, but it's an issue that's been reoccurring for me lately. Last week, Starbucks gave me peppermint hot chocolate instead of the peppermint mocha that I ordered (and paid for), and today Second Cup gave me a plain latte instead of the maple latte that I ordered (and paid for). Notice how they always give a cheaper drink than the one ordered? The hot chocolate wasn't a big deal--I like that well enough, and it was fairly similar to what I had ordered. But I don't drink plain lattes (I find coffee undrinkable without massive amounts of sugary flavouring), so today the whole latte is going down the drain, and I'm out $3.50 and the caffeine that I was hoping would enable me to do work.
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I'm oddly excited about the new James Bond film. I'm not usually a huge fan of James Bond--I like action movies well enough, so I'll sit through 'em, but I don't usually them out on my own--but I am a sucker for "how people came to be who they are" movies, and this one seems to qualify. So I decided to go see this one on opening night. Unfortunately, the individual I was with scoffed when I said we should buy our tickets at least two hours in advance, before we went out for dinner. By the time we got back to the theatre after dinner, the rest of the shows for that evening were sold out. So we went to see The Prestige instead. An entertaining movie, but a bit disturbing.

Sadly, that incident set the tone for the rest of the weekend. My entire weekend has involved little things going wrong. All very minor things. Too small to even complain about, really. Unimportant in the grand scheme of things, absolutely. Nothing I'll post here, because I'd laugh at myself doing it. It's really the accumulation that's troubling, and even that I wouldn't have noticed if not for the first thing. Ah well, the weekend is almost over and I should be able to slip out to see Casino Royale later this week.
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My newest pet peeve: people without laptops or other electronic devices who sit at one of the very small number of library cubicles with power outlets while ignoring the many perfectly good, entirely empty cubicles without power outlets.


Jan. 22nd, 2006 12:21 am
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I spent several hours last night downloading material for my theory comp. Today I discovered that, yeah, JSTOR's pdfs? Not so much working. Oh, files download okay, but each file is 7 or 8 kb big, and contains absolutely no information. So I spent several more hours today redownloading all of the articles and book reviews that I thought I had downloaded from JSTOR last night. In tiff format, since the pdf files aren't there. That'll be fun reading...

In other news, I've watched Serenity approximately three times in the past two days. I still need to go through the Joss-commented version, though, to find out why he did what he did.
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I was supposed to be basking in the Florida sunshine today, and instead I'm still trapped in the snow and ice of Toronto. (Well, okay, it's actually not that cold in Toronto right now--about -6 Celsius with windchill, and northern Florida gets close to 0 at night--but it's the principle of the thing. Plus the palm trees! And the lack of snow! And psyching myself up for a trip that didn't happen.

My sad but short tale is that B and I scheduled to fly out at 11:55am. At the time neared and the boarding call didn't come, we checked the screen and discovered we'd been bumped an hour. Okay, no problem. Well, a small problem, because the waiting room was waaay too small for the number of planes departing and we couldn't get a seat, but that's a minor problem. Then 12:55 hit, and we still hadn't boarded. Instead, we were informed that our plane had experienced a small smoke problem, and mechanics were taking a look at it. The next two hours were spent standing the waiting room, listening to repeated assurances that it wouldn't be long now, and unable leave for food or chairs for fear that they'd board the plane while we were gone.

At 3:00, they finally gave up on the repairs and cancelled the flight. B and I lined up to rebook, only to discover, when we got to the counter, that there were no available flights today to anywhere in northern Florida. None. And no compensation for our lost day, of course. (They did offer to fly us to Miami, landing at midnight, and leaving us with only an eight hour drive to B's parents' house!)

So now we're stuck in Toronto another night, and B gets one day less with his family, and we're going to try again tomorrow morning. And I'm really, really not happy with USAirways.


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