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Two weeks, no update. I'm getting pretty bad at this. Mostly, I think, because I don't feel like I'm doing anything all that interesting right now. I'm kind of in a holding pattern--not really progressing in my work, and trying to figure out how to achieve forward momentum. It's kind of a slog, right now.

Happily, things outside of my work are okay. Thanksgiving with my family last weekend was marvellous. We had about fourteen people in total, which was a nice size for Thanksgiving. My parents have been including some American dishes with Thanksgiving dinner since they returned from living in the States, most notably candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. Frankly, I'm rather pleased that green beans have replaced peas on the holiday menu. And the turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rutabaga were all unchanged, so there was enough continuity from childhood to keep me happy.

Last weekend was also the weekend for hanging with my high school friends, mostly for the sake of the one person who still lives out-of-town. (The rest of us have slowly drifted back here in the ten years since we finished high school.) It was a theme party, as all of our recent gatherings have been. The theme this time was Monday Night RAW--everyone brought a raw food dish, and we watched movies featuring wrestlers and former wrestlers. I tried for raw fruit pie, and ended up with something more like raw squares when I discovered that I had no pie plate, and was forced to use a 9x9 pan instead. It turned out reasonably well, though it was better when topped with the vanilla icing-and-cream-cheese fruit dip brought by another party attendee. So much for a healthy dessert. :D

Date: 2006-10-15 10:07 pm (UTC)
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including some American dishes with Thanksgiving dinner since they returned from living in the States, most notably candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole

Lol, I just can't imagine Thanksgiving without these. Everyone at the table would be like, "ZOMG! Where are the sweet potatoes??!!!!!111one!" Do y'all do cranberry sauce up there? How do you cook the rutabaga? I don't think I've ever had any.

Date: 2006-10-15 11:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We do indeed do cranberry sauce. Sometimes just plain, and sometimes plain and orange-cranberry. I think people would notice the absence of that. :)

I think we sometimes had sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving when I was a kid, but we'd just serve them plain and mashed--without the marshmallows, etc. I like the candied version, even as I cringe at how much sugar is involved.

We usually just peel, cube, and boil the rutabaga til it's soft. Sometimes it gets mashed, sometimes not. Serve and butter. I like it--it has a mild, sweet flavour. Mashed rutabaga is also good fried up the next day. (My parents always referred to rutabaga as turnip when I was a kid, but when I got older, I found out they aren't actually the same thing.)


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